Monday, October 20, 2008


I am a couple of days behind because we haven't had Internet and it has killed me because I so wanted to show you some more pictures. As we headed into Vermont the colors changed a bit. The colors are a little darker and deeper but I think that is because they are just past their prime. That doesn't make them less enjoyable. We did less sightseeing today just because we were getting tired, lots of time in the car. Instead we drove down the freeway mostly on our way to visit with friends.

As you can see the hills were alive with color and I just sat back in the car and soaked it all in. We also checked out a wildlife refuge but all the animals were gone for the winter. We saw one grouse and a dead moose hung from a tree by the hunters. We drove for about 2 hours in that reserve and it ended up being a waste of time but you never know what you'll find until you go.
We found a couple more bridges by accident as we were driving which was good because we passed up the five we were going to see because we were tired of driving. It was a lovely day and so fun to meet my husband's high school friend and his family. They live in a 200 year old farmhouse in the hills of Massachusetts. They own 88 acres of land and see moose, deer, turkey and bears right outside their door. What a great day.

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