Friday, October 17, 2008

Leaf peepin in New Hampshire

The weather was crisp and sunny today and made for a great day of driving on country roads hunting down covered bridges. At times we were completely enveloped in color. It was enough to take your breath away. The color on the sides of the road must be leaf dust because it changed with the colors of the leaves.

I wish that I could show you all the pictures but there were so many. We took a train ride in the morning and then drove for about 4 hours through the beautiful hills in New Hampshire. We drove until we couldn't see anymore and then we headed back to our hotel.

We saw three covered bridges and this one is the most famous of all covered bridges. It is called the Artist's bridge because it is painted by so many artists. It was already starting to get dark by the time we got here and by the time we got to the last one we could hardly see it. I don't think our pictures turned out on that one. That one ended up being a little scary because it had started to lean. I was hoping that it didn't come crashing down on us, London Bridges and all.

Here is one of those trees that is so huge it makes a two story house look small. I would love to have one of these in my own yard. Makes me wonder how old it is. I think this is my favorite color of the season although bright red is a close second. Oh, what will I see tomorrow. God is such a beautiful painter. I was thinking today about Psalm 121:1-2

1 I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;From where shall my help come? 2 My help comes from the LORD,Who made heaven and earth.
My eyes were lifted up to the hills today, for sure.


michelle said...

your pics are beautiful! looks like an amazing vacation. I've always wanted to go to Boston, now I want to go to New Hampshire too! have a safe trip home : )

Healing Expressions said...

What amazing images Teri! They would be beautiful in a slide show with your favorite worship music playing! Hope you had a truly special time and that God spoke in new and gentle ways to your heart!
XO Lani