Sunday, October 5, 2008

Art & Soul Vendor Night

What a fun night we had. Art & Soul has been here in Portland since Wednesday and there has been so much excitement in the paperdoll shop. I helped out a couple of days and then last night we worked the vendor show. It is so fun to be surrounded by artists and all that creativity. I bought a few stamps and of course, a block print from Kelly Rae Roberts. I didn't take any classes this time because I took them when I was in Hampton, Virginia. After hearing about some of the classes I was wishing that I had though. I will be going again in 2010 for sure. Next year I have my eyes on a couple of other retreats. I wish I could do it all but so little time and money to go around these days.


snazzykc said...

You all look so cute! Janene doesn't look as tired as she should be though!

Sharon said...

What a great photo Teri!Looks like you all had loads of fun!~Sharon