Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few more journal pages

These are some pages from Teresa McFaden's Between the Lines art journal class that I am taking this month. I am using markers more this time and having a lot of fun.

I used a postcard add from a local store to add a tipout page and kept the words, "You'll like the sound of this" as part of that page.

This page was designed around things that were part of my day. A postmark from a card I got, hang tag from some pants, my drink cup from fast food were all put on the page. It is kind of fun to see what you can acquire in one day and design a page around it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two stories

Three years ago, I was watching the TV show Bones and at the end they played a song that I just loved. I was curious who the singer was and after much research found out she was a new artist. Her name is Susan Enan and she lived in Ireland. She didn't have a cd out yet but she did have a website. In the next two years she moved to New York and started singing in pubs and nightclubs. Finally about a year ago she put out her first cd. Then this year she decided to do house concerts. Anyone could contact her to come to their home and sing for them and their family and friends. She toured Europe and then began her US tour. It was so exciting that one of her stops was in Portland, OR which is close to me. I was able to buy some tickets and see her perform. The people hosting had a backyard barbecue and she sang just six feet in front of me. We were able to talk to her and ask questions. It was so great. I didn't know anyone there except my husband two friends we took but we all had one thing in common, we had heard her on Bones and have been following her ever since. She has such a beautiful voice. You can follow the link above to listen to her music and see the vlog she is doing on her travels.

I am praising God for a miracle today. We built our house 16 years ago and in the last year have been slowly replacing appliances. When we picked out our dishwasher, we took the mid-range model which wasn't very good new but 16 years later and after much use and abuse is a glorified water sprayer and not a good one at that. So, we bought a new one Saturday and it arrived today. When the delivery/installers arrived they took one look and said they couldn't install it because there wasn't a shutoff valve under our sink. There was one across the room but that wasn't good enough. I looked at them and said, "wait just a minute, my plumber is out in the garage". I ran out to the garage where we just happen to have some work being done on our plumbing. He popped his head in and said it would take him five minutes to fix the problem. We all looked at each other in unbelief that this was all coming together. The installers were amazed. One of them said what a good idea it was for me to have a plumber on site and waiting in the garage. I was just praising God for working it all out. Now I have a beautiful new dishwasher just waiting for it's first run. Whoo Hoo!

Monday, July 19, 2010

July Art

Thought I would share some of the things that I have been working on lately. I have mostly been busy de-cluttering around here but I have fit some painting in-between.
This painting is almost done. I am using the technique Michelle taught our art group last month. (Her paintings are amazing.) It brings me to the brink of tears and then success happens and I think wow, how did that happen. I have a love/hate relationship with this process. the last layer I got so frustrated that I took the black paint and through it all over the canvas. Then I saw the face appear. You can't plan this process at all. I can't seem to stop myself though. I already want to try another one.
I am in Teresa McFayden's Between the Lines journal class this month. She does one every July and this is the third year I have participated. I really love the color on these pages.

You can see the picture using my PoGo printer at the top of the right page. Everything in my garage is out on the lawn getting sorted and gone through.

Another page from the class.

I get the intense color using my concentrated watercolors by Dr. Ph. Martin.

Using a #2 pencil to journal about the day gave a subtle background to paint on.

The yellow chick appeared after laying down random watercolor. I dripped black paint on the page and it formed a perfect necklace for her.

I have heard of Zentangles but have never tried one. It is really relaxing and fun. This one is done in black ink.

I decided to try a Zentagle in color. I can't decide which one I like better.