Friday, May 27, 2011


Doorknobs got installed today, yippee!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The person in front of me at Starbucks paid for my coffee. WOW! Thank you random act of kindness person.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The dining room light got hung this weekend and I am so thrilled. We also hung other fixtures.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sneak Peak - Art Studio

 I am so excited about how my art studio is coming together,
I just couldn't wait till it was finished to show you all. 

 The pink and white made the space so bright and cheery.  I call it my happy space.  Today I moved my computer desk in so I am sitting here blogging from my new art space.  Joy!

 Now that I look at the before pictures, I wonder why I fell in love?  I guess I saw the potential.

This is the hall outside my art studio as you come up the stairs. I love my ceiling light because it reminds me of a dandelion puff.  I put my sewing table out here and some storage.  It has a teapot ready to go. 
 Anyone want to come and sit with me and have some tea?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our New House

I know I have been MIA for some time.  Sorry everyone :(  We decided in January that we wanted to move into the city and started looking for a house to buy.  From the moment that I saw this one on-line I knew it was our house. We went that week and looked at it and put a bid in the next day.  It was in short sale and someone had already put a bid in on it.  We looked at lots of houses but I just kept telling my husband that that was our house.  I told him, even if someone else moves into that house I will always know that it was really ours.  Well, miraculously the first bidders were out of the bidding and we were next in line.  The only problem was that the actual owners had disappeared and no one knew how to get ahold of them.  So our bid sat there waiting for their signature.  It never came and the bank took the house into foreclosure.  We were so disappointed because it could have been anyone's guess what the bank would do and how long it would take for them to do it.  Through a series of events, too involved to mention, we found out that in two days "our house" was going up for auction.  Our realtor knew of a guy who sometimes bought houses at auction and she talked to him and he was willing to buy the house for us the next day.  Our heads were spinning by this point.  So he showed up and praise God, there were a lot of houses up for sale that day and our was at the end.  He was able to get it for us for a great price and that day he handed us the keys.  Now, all we had to do was get the loan papers in order and we would be good to go.  Who knew that banks aren't really interested in selling houses anymore.  They made us jump through hoops that about sent us to the crazy bin but two months later we are the proud owners of a 1941 adorable home.  It may not look like much now but the potential is incredible.  Wait until you see my attic art studio. Because we have had the keys we have already been working on things and it is going to be amazing.  I will try and post more pictures on a regular basis.  God has blessed us beyond what we could imagine and I want Him to get all the praise because He is worthy. 

A side story in all this is that back in March I signed up for Soul Restoration with Brave Girls and God told me that I would be doing Soul Restoration at the same time that I was restoring our house and He has proven that to be true. I am blown away and humbled and excited about the road ahead.

This week I will be sanding all the kitchen cabinets and painting them white.  Lots and lots of work ahead before we can move in but eventually it will all be done. Till later