Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boston or Bust

I am on vacation and just had to share some photos from our excursion today. Yesterday we drove all over Cape Cod and today we were in Boston. Here is a picture of the skyline from the bay. It was a beautiful day to be on tour and I was so blown away by the architecture and the history in this town. There was lots of talk about Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin and John F. Kennedy as we took out tour bus around the city. We passed Cambridge, Harvard and MIT. I am assuming because it is a college town but everyone here rides a bike and let me tell you, either they have different traffic rules for bicyclists or they just don't care. I saw so many of them fly through intersections on a red light, pulling in front of buses, cars, it was insane. We really stood out as tourists because I think we were the only people in this town following the crosswalk lights. It was hilarious to go by the colleges and see the plethora of bikes parked outside the buildings. I may try and get a picture tomorrow.
One very interesting fact was that some of the older buildings are actually using tree roots as their foundation. The roots are floating in water and can never be allowed to dry out or they will die and no longer be useful. I am guessing that the buildings would be in trouble too if that happened. I wish we had buildings like this today instead of so much glass. I am getting a kick out of the people's accents here, very east coast. No one has said anything about my accent but considering that I haven't heart anyone speaking like me I am thinking that I must stand out.

I love the buildings here. This is a very old fire station. The picture is not great because I was leaning out the window of our tour trolley trying to get a quick shot before my head got whacked off by some bus going by. Literally the delivery vans and buses were going by us fast and about 5 inches from the side of the trolley we were riding in. I don't know how everyone is not killed in this town. Tomorrow we are going to take the car out and stop at some of the sites we saw today. I especially want to see the North Church. I have one more photo that I took as we were crossing the Charles River into Cambridge that is really pretty with some fall color. We did come to see the colors but it has been hit and miss so far. I think when we head up into Maine tomorrow we will see more.

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