Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today in Maine

Today was an overcast and rainy day. We spent most of the day in the car traveling up to Maine. We saw some great color but with the drizzle the picture weren't that great. Tomorrow the weather will be better and I should get some better shots. The colors up here in Maine is so amazing. We saw miles and miles of solid color. We say trees that were bigger than my two story house with huge canopies of color. House after house had lawns of solid color in red, yellow and orange.

The towns here are so cute. Everyone of them has historic buildings with little white churches, clock towers and city halls. The houses are colonial and Victorian.
We stopped in Kennepunkport and I did a little shopping. One of the shops I went into had this Italian looking guy who was working all the ladies that came in. As I was shopping these two older ladies came in. One of them said she loved the aroma of the shop and he told her it was leather potpourri. She totally believed him. I looked over at him with a, "you have got to be kidding me", and he winked at me. The other lady ended up buying something and said her friends at home where going to be jealous of her and his reply was, "they already do, now they just have another reason". That was too much, I started to laugh, quietly to myself, of course. This guy was smooth. I ended up buying a really cute pair of shoes and the soles are made from recycled Jeep tires.

We saw five different lighthouses on our drive. They were all different but this one had a house alongside it. We tried to see a couple of covered bridges but they weren't there anymore and so we hope to find some in the next few days.

I stopped off at a Starbucks to see if they had a city mug and the guy working there was from Seattle. It is so funny to talk to people who are from your own neck of the woods. Even though they are complete strangers you feel this connection to them instantly. I was surprised that Portland didn't have a mug but I did find one in Boston when I was there. We are staying the night in a resort in Conway, Maine. I had never heard of it before but it has lots of cute shops and other activities going on here. Well, that's it for today. They have a shop here called, For Your Paws Only, where your pet goes through and picks out what they want and you pay for it. There is a bakery for the dogs. I am getting so educated on this trip, ha, ha.

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