Friday, October 10, 2008

Handsewn Journal

Yesterday we had our art journal group meeting and Jaron showed us how to make handmade journals. It was so fun. I can not say this enough. Everyone is so talented and sweet and I am humbled and blessed beyond anything to be a part of this group. Just to have them like the same things I like and speak my language, in a sense, is almost unreal. The time flies by in seconds and I wish we could stay forever. The construction of the journal was not that difficult and I am anxious to make a few more. I am going to add ribbons and beads and dangly things to mine but here is the initial finished product. Everyone's journal was unique to them and so beautiful. I am praising God for bringing us all together.

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Sharon said...

Wonderful post and lovely journal Teri!Blessings~Sharon