Monday, October 20, 2008


We toured around Massachusetts today with our friends and saw some very pretty sites. This bridge is called the Flower Bridge because in the spring and summer the gardening club maintains the flowers on the bridge and it is full of color. Today the water was so smooth that it reflected the fall color. It was in the cutest town of Shellburne Falls. I love the name even.
We went down to Barton Cove to look for eagles because they are known to fly around there. We think we may have seen one but it was so far away it was hard to say for sure. The reflections on the water were incredible here too. What a beautiful part of the country to be in right now.

Also in Shellburne Falls we saw what they call Pot Holes. The waterfall in the back is from a dam and I guess that in the summer the kids come and play in the water here. The Potholes were ground out by granite during the glacial age by the whirlpool action of water and gyrating stones of different sizes. This is just a small portion of the area. The Potholes range from 8-39 inches in depth. It was very unique to see.

After eating lunch in a very artsy deli we drove through Conneticutt to our hotel. We will be heading home tomorrow and just in time. By Wednesday there is to be 3-6 inches of snow in the hills where we have been touring. Last night is was 20 degrees here. The other thing we did today was to stop at a Sugar Shack that made maple syrup and other maple food items. They sold maple soft serve icecream cones for 25cents. It was made with cream and it was amazing. I honestly did not know that they really do drill holes in the maple trees and put spickets to collect the maple sap. They then put it in a big machine to take out the water and that is how they make maple syrup. But the real stuff is runny not thick like store bought syrup. YUM!

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What wonderful pics!!!Blessings~Sharon