Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Imagination + Creativity = ART

I had some fun with this page. I was trying to use random objects in unique ways. I find that I tend to see things for what they are and not how they could be transformed into something else and so this was a good exercise for me. I still kept it pretty tame so I think I will continue to try and look for texture and color and see what else I can come up with on future pages. Sometimes we can get stuck in life that way too. Living each day the same and doing the same thing over and over again without thinking about it or looking at how to change it up a bit. Looking at it one dimensionally and not seeing all the texture and color or how to use what we have in front of us in unique ways. Not that doing the same thing everyday is wrong but when it becomes mundane and you are not feeling the excitement that each day holds then maybe it is time to look at it differently, spice things up a bit. Writers are like this. They will write a whole story about a cup holder. Who knew that a cup holder could be so exciting but you get my point. Imagination and creativity when applied is ART, so go out and use yours.

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