Saturday, March 7, 2009

Travel Pack idea

I came up with my version of a travel kit to take to Paris with me. I will make up some signatures ahead of time and carry them with me. When I fill up one signature I will put it in my suitcase and get the next one out so that I'm not carrying around a big journal as I sight see. When I get home I will bind the signatures into a journal. I am so excited about this. My niece guarantees me that I will find lots vintage ephemera at the flea markets and vintage shops we will be going to. No t-shirts for me. I will spending my money on old books and newspapers, and anything else I can find written in French. OH, the excitement is going to kill me before I even get there. Well, gotta go work on that travel pack. Sorry no pictures today, I am heading to my studio to work but I will show you what I come up with hopefully tomorrow. Have a great creative day! Oh I almost forgot, here is where I got the idea for the travel pack, check it out here.


Brenda said...

I am feeling so excited for you. Oh, what a joy to be fossicking in those markets for goodies, great idea about taking signatures.

Mary said...

Oh Teri I know you are sooo excited. I am glad you get this opportunity. Keep us posted on the getting ready - love being part of your excitement!!!

snazzykc said...

ooh-I'll take some french papers too!