Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Started Packing

The packing is underway. As hard as I try to pack light the suitcase is filling up. Fortunately the coat is taking up half the suitcase and will be removed to make room for the trip home.
I started the day running errands to get ready for my trip. I got my phone upgraded so that I can use it in France. Although, I won't be having long conversations considering how much it will cost me but at least I know I can if I need to. I stopped by Ross to see if I could find a cheap pair of pants and found some skinny jeans for $9.99 so now I have three pair of pants to take with me. Tomorrow, I will finish up by the afternoon because my daughter and I are going to see Wicked in the evening. I love the theater and I hear this one is amazing. We will get back late and then I will need a good nights sleep so I am ready to leave Thursday morning for Paris. Oh, my goodness, it really is going to happen. One day left and then I'm off. I would do cartwheels if I thought I wouldn't hurt myself.
As I am sitting here writing this, my beautiful Sophie is laying in my lap all curled up and very comfortable. This is the hard part of leaving, missing the family and pets.

My poor little puppy dog, Lily Lou, is very attached to me and will mope around the house until I get home. She practically needs psychiatric help when I'm gone too long. Hopefully it won't come to that this time. She is such a sensitive princess. I may have to buy her a tiara in Paris.


Mary said...

YEA! YEA! YEA! Sooo excited for you. It will be wonderful!! Have a blast Teri!!

snazzykc said...

Sometimes life is just so exciting it is hard to keep all the joy inside. I am praying your trip is all your are hoping it will be and that your airport,transportation worries are all for nothing!
Have fun!!!!

Teri said...

Thanks everyone. You make my day!

Mary said...

Teri wishing you travel mercies, and for you to have a wonderful, memorable trip. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.