Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday Creativity

I got together with a couple of artist friends, Karla & Michelle to work in our journals. I was feeling very uncreative but it was so good to put some marks on the page and talk art. I found out that I really needed to get a 005 Micron pen. It makes the tiniest lines. I couldn't find that exact one at the store without driving 20 miles so I settled for an off beat brand in 00. It will work for now. As you can see my buddies didn't lack inspiration at all and went to town on their pages. It was a fun time of just hanging out creating and encouraging one another. I need that a lot more than they do since they have paved their own paths with art already and I am just beginning down that road to discovering who I am and what my art will look like. Michelle is actually having a give-a-way on her blog so click over and check it out.

I would love to win any of her stuff especially that beautiful print. Well, the clock with wings is pretty cute too. Come to think about it, I would love all of it. She is so inspiring with her creativity and the girl has the most amazing shading in her art. I could stare at her paintings for hours just taking in all the colors and shades. I have been so blessed to have these ladies as friends.

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michelle allen said...

Thank you for the shout out Teri! It was really fun getting together and journaling. Looking forward to the next time : )