Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I thought I would show a journal page. I have been working on pages but I have gotten into this crazy system lately where I don't finish a page in one evening. I pick a page and do a little on that page until I am at a place where I can't think of anything else to put on the page and then another page will catch my eye and I will do a little bit on that page. I am feeling very scattered doing it this way and yet I can't seem to stop myself. YIKES! I need to save myself from this crazy system. I used to just start with a blank page and only work on one page at a time and finish it in one evening. I like that system so much better. Maybe it is because of my completely scattered life in general right now. Whatever the reason, I don't have finished pages to share and that is driving my crazy. Focus, Focus, Focus! Maybe if I say it enough it will happen.

The 8GB memory card I ordered for my camera came yesterday. I think that should be big enough to take a few pictures in Paris but the boots are still AWOL. I figure they should come today or tomorrow. The anticipation is killing me. Oh, I almost forgot:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Go green today


Tammy said...

Thank you for your comment on my Eve painting. I totally agree with your entry for today's journal! Truth has so much humor to it!

When are you off to France?

Mary said...

Yes!! But, when you say man, are you referring to man as in mankind, or a male??? lol

Brenda said...

Maybe you are just so excited about your trip, it is coming through in your "erratic journaling behaviour", haha.

Teri Leigh said...

Mary, the quote is referring to Mankind but make up your own mind on this one.