Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Purpose has been coming up quite a bit lately. What am I doing and why? Today I read in Calm My Anxious Heart, "Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. If we haven't chosen what we are living for, we're living life by default, acting out the scripts handed to us by family, other people's agendas, and the pressures of circumstances. This is not living as a woman who knows the meaning and purpose of life. "Knowing our purpose can be difficult but then keeping focused on that amidst all that life throws at us can be almost impossible. I have written a couple of purpose statements over the years and even though the core of those statements stays the same I have to tweak them with each new stage in life. I am feeling like I'm at a crossroads again and things are about to change. Nothing specific but a sense that God is working. I am thinking it is time to re-write that old purpose statement and be open to new doors. I feel a need to lighten the load in preparation for the new. Of course, that could be more difficult than I think. We shall see.

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Mary said...

Teri it is amazing to me how so many of your posts resonate with my heart.
Yes, God is working!!