Sunday, March 8, 2009

Passport arrived!

YEAH! My passport arrived yesterday afternoon. I can take a sigh of relief and start planning for my trip. I still can't believe this is happening. Lots of happy squeals around here these days.

We went to the Chris Tomlin concert last night and it was amazing. Israel and New Breed started the night out and then Chris came on. They were both so good and alongside Chris was Christy Nockles. It was such a great evening. Everyone was standing most of the time and I made the mistake of wearing high heels but I didn't care, the lack of space to dance was more of an issue. Chris Tomlin is such an amazing worship leader and writes incredible songs. I hadn't heard of Christy before but she had a beautiful voice and there is a free download of the song she sang on her website so you should check it out.

We got home around Midnight and had to move the clocks ahead. Not so good for someone who needs 9 hours of sleep a night. Then very early this morning my daughter wakes me up saying she locked her keys in the car and needs to get to work immediately. I was so tired I could hardly move but I managed to drag myself out of bed and get her to work and me to church on time. Then when I got home I wanted to take a nap but had agreed to watch my grandbaby. He was so sweet. There is nothing in the world better than being a grandma.

He was very serious about balancing the toy on top of his head, then he would laugh when it fell off. It is so fun watching him. I'm still looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow though. Hopefully no one needs me bright and early.


Jaron said...

Woo hoo on the passport! I will be traveling vicariously through you!

Jen said...

Your grandson is so cute! Glad the passport made it to you.

michelle allen said...

glad to see your passport made it. love your little journal tool kit too. cute, cute!