Monday, February 2, 2009

Be Brave

I worked in my art journal over the weekend and it was so wonderful. My thoughtful husband noticed that I have not been able to get out to my art room in weeks and so he took everyone out of the house for the day and gave me orders to get in there. You don't have to tell me twice to go and play and so I was able to get some pages prepped for working on in the evenings this week. I used to do my whole page in one sitting but with limited time these days I am finding that I have to work in stages. This page I finished on Saturday.

I have felt the need to start making some goals concerning my art but as I sit down to make them I just don't know what to write. There is a fear that comes over me. Would it be too arrogant to write down some big goals or should I stick with just one small goal at a time? Do I test the waters or do a blaze ahead boldly? I am stuck with indecison and we know nothing will get accomplished in that place so I have decided that I will take one week at a time and write down some specific goals that stretch me but that I can accomplish.

Goals I decided on:
1. I am going to read The Creative Call ( once chapter a month)
2. I am going to read 12 Secrets of Highly creative Women ( one chapter a week).
3. I am going to work through my art journal and when it is finished I will submit it to Somerset's Art Journal magazine (with fear and trembling) and see what happens.
4. I will attend one art retreat this year.
5. I will organize a journal swap.

That is all I am going to do for now. I am torturing myself with this whole goal thing and so for now that is my plan. I will continue to pray about it and see if God points me in another direction or makes things happen within the goals I have set. Now I am going to make out my week's schedule based on those goals. I am actually excited to get going on this.


Kim Fyler said...

Good for you for making some art goals! I can relate to the feeling of fear surrounding doing such a "bold" thing.

My main art goal for this month is to just let myself PLAY! I want to experiment and try new things, without feeling like I have to create something wonderful or blog-worthy every single time. I'm still trying to find my artistic "voice" and the best way I can think of is to try different things and just have fun. :)

I hope you reach all of your wonderful goals.

Brenda said...

What a wonderful husband you have. I think it is great that you have set some goals for yourself - good for you. Love your journal page.

snazzykc said...

I love that you are finding a balance and working art into your life. We are all much better people to ourselves and others when we get to be creative.

Aimeslee said...

I second what Kim and Brenda have written. Nice page and good luck with your goals. xoxo