Friday, February 20, 2009

Time to breathe

Life has been very stressful this week and I'm still staying positive but sometimes you just need space. I was taking care of so much yesterday that I decided to take a few hours to myself today.

I met an artist friend for coffee and it was so thrilling to talk art. She told me about DecoColor paint markers and so when we were done I went straight to the craft store and bought a black one. They are smelly pens but look shiny on the page, very cool. While I was wandering around, not wanting to go home yet, I found the butterfly engraving art picture in my page above. You use the engraving tool to scrape away the black paint to reveal the color underneath. Then, down the next isle I found small cans of spray paint. I have been wanting to try using this kind of paint in my art and so the small cans help me to try it out without too much of an investment. Finally, I decided to start adding ribbon to my stash. I never buy any and found some really cheap that I loved. I want to make a fabric journal and will add the ribbon in there. You can bet I will be posting pictures if it works out. One of my new favorite artists is DJ Pettit who makes fabric journals. I hope to take a class from her one of these days. For now, I will just play around and hopefully have a lot of fun.

After I got done there, I drove over to paperdoll. I bought the new Artful Blogging magazine and had a great time talking with the owner. It was a great morning, driving in the beautiful sunshine with the music playing and letting my mind relax and plan so many new art projects. Now, I just need some time to use all my cool supplies.

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Mary said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. You are right, everyone needs time to re-group, refresh, re-energize!!! And on a regular basis I say!!!!! :)