Monday, February 9, 2009

Moment by moment

I was looking through some quotes the other day and ran across this one. This sums up what I have been trying to live the last year. Living in the moment and enjoying each moment for what it is. Part of that authentic moment by moment life is feeling each emotion and dealing with it. I think that is one of the reasons why people keep running the fast-paced life. You moved too fast to deal with anything and we all know that dealing with our stuff and owning it can be painful. Most of my art pages are meant for encouragement but in trying to be authentic I thought I would create one about owning my anger. I am a pretty patient, reasonable and even keel kind of person but there are times when I think steam could be seen coming out my ears and unwriteable words come popping into my head. Shocking, I know. I have to put myself in time-out and talk myself down from the ledge and tell myself to let it go. Usually that process is worked out in my journal and a lot of prayer. It is a good thing that these moments are few. I hate it when I get pushed that far. But the good thing is, I usually learn a lot about myself through it and hopefully grow from the experience. Letting go in the moment is so much better than stuffing it and carrying it with you through life.


Mary said...

Teri great page. How you doing with your morning pages??? I pulled out my copy of "The Creative Call" and began it again. It is interesting to see how I answer some of the question a second time around.

Brenda said...

Really great page, and the quote is fantastic.