Sunday, July 27, 2008


I found this quote by Theodor Suess Geisel and had to make it into a page. I have recently had conversations with people who have rekindled their love of talents or interests that have been dormant for some time. For me it has been art others it has been dance, writing, music or crafts but what ever it is no one really knows why they gave it up, but they are revived by it's reappearance in their lives. Some say having kids left them with little time to pursue their creative outlets. Others said it was the realization that they couldn't make a living out of it and needed to move on to more lucrative endeavors. One thing they all have said to me and that I find true in my own life, is that their souls were starving without it. It is like a part you you never knew existed comes alive when you pick up the pen, or paintbrush or sit down at the piano. It is a feeling so deep that you can't explain it, you can only experience it and it makes you whole. You say to yourself, "this is what I was created to do" and it brings you to a place of balance. So whatever it is for you, do it as unto the Lord. He created you to express yourself in this way and to worship Him through it. It doesn't have to do with how good you are at it or whether what you do is appreciated by other people. If you were created to dance then crank up the music when no one is around and dance your little heart out. The other part is, try to encourage those who are stuck in the box to break out and be themselves. It is through out uniqueness that we make life interesting. There are too many bored people who are not living in this creative zone and depressed because of it. Be yourself this week and encourage others to join you.

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