Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Eyes

I haven't been posting much this week. I have been trying to keep up and work through a personal crisis. It's all good though. What is that saying, "this too shall pass." OK, so onto the journal page.
I was working on this page, not knowing where I was headed with it. Of course, that is normal. I never know where I am headed with my pages. They just appear on the page and I am just as surprised as anyone. I was thinking about little children and how they have so many possibilities when they are small as to who they will become. The two children staring out from this page have very little expression and so you wonder what they are thinking? Who will they become when they are grown? For some reason I felt the need to paste the continent of Africa on this page. Then I went down stairs and found a letter from our sponsor child who lives in Africa. It was so cool to think about her as a child in Africa. For the first time she asked if someday we would come and see her. Then I knew that this page was about protecting the children of the world. Be careful little eyes what you see. There are too many children whose eyes have seen things that they should never have seen. How can I make a difference? Maybe I will travel to see our little child in Africa someday. Until then I can pray and write letters that encourage her. Maybe this will get you to think about what you can do to encourage a child to see the possibilites to have hope for the future.

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Sharon said...

I have left you a little something at my blog Teri!~Sharon G.