Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jounaling Doggy

My little puppy, Lily Lou, has decided to help me paint today. Usually it is my cat that crawls into my lap when I am working on some detail of my art journal and she is shedding right now so cat hair is flying at the same time. They are so sweet and lovable it is hard to shoo them off. I guess it would help if I worked on my journal at a table but I like to work on it as I watch TV sitting on my bed. What a rough life.


snazzykc said...

You paint on your bed?
I am way too big a clutz to try that. Cute pic though.

Teri Leigh said...

Yeah, wierd huh? Sometimes I even have my white blanket accross my lap but no spills yet. I am pretty neat with paint but messy with supplies. My art table is a huge mess.