Monday, July 28, 2008

#1 is finished

I am so excited!!!!! And so proud. My first ever art journal is complete. I love the bulginess of it and how it feels in my hands. Kind of like I'm sure it feels when you finish your first novel. Well, maybe not as exciting but pretty close. I just want to peruse through the pages and feel the texture and smell the paint. It is a lovely thing. As you can see, I have my next one ready to go and will cristen it in the the next couple of days. I wanted to start today but I feel the need to take a day of silence in honor of the first before moving ahead. Maybe I should write a poem. Here goes:

Ode to the journal
you were so clean and bright
now you are so messy
declaring all my insight
I will treasure you forever
and keep your pages safe
for someday you will remind me
of my starting place.

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