Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hiding in the grass

I have been working in my summer art journal and remembering memories of childhood summers. One of those memories was from when I was 5 years old. We lived in a farmhouse owned by my great aunt. She was old and so we took care of her and it allowed her to live in her own home until she died. The property was quite a few acres and next to the house was a huge field. Someone would come and mow the field about once a year but before they came the grass would get very tall. I would go out into the field and lie down and roll around to clear a patch of grass so that it made what I called a fort. No one could see me and I was in my own world. I would play for hours pretending. It was my private place and if you crawled from one patch to another you could have passageways to other rooms. Even as a little child I enjoyed time alone and used my imagination to create other worlds to get lost in. My art journal has become that place for me as an adult. I get lost in the memories and using my imagination to create pages that did not exist before. That is why on this page you see a little girl and an adult. Both are hiding in the grass letting their imaginations soar like a butterfly full of color and life. Free from expectations of daily life.

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snazzykc said...

that is beautiful-I love how you are recording your memories. I've been doing that too in my historical albums. Good to remember easier times.
Have a great weekend!