Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where's my pens?

Well, I made it through seven days of the art journal challenge. YEAH! It was challenging when I worked all day Friday and Saturday and then had activities after that. One of my friends turned 60 and had a party with a DJ and dancing Friday night and it was a lot of fun. Even though I thought I wouldn't know many people I found out that I did. It is amazing how many people my path has crossed over the years. You just have to connect the dots to figure out where. My friends and I are getting to the age where you don't remember the dots as well. I asked a couple of them when this or that happened and they just look at me with blank stares and shrug their shoulders. And then we laugh really hard because it feels so ridiculous to not remember something significant. Hey, my pens came yesterday but to my alarm not all of them were in the package. No invoice and only half the pens. What does this mean? When I found the package open when I got home I was about to accuse the postal service who have stolen from me before but my boys were anxious to see what these pens looked like that they bought me so they opened the package. Oh, I hate it when these things happen. At least I can try out 6 pens until this is resolved. Oh bother :(


carlanda said...

hi teri,
how many pens were you suppossed to start with? did they leave you any good colors?
good luck!!! carlanda

Teri Leigh said...

I was supposed to get 12 and I got 6 instead, red, purple, brown, silver, pink and green. I have used all but the silver so far. Love these pens. Love,love,love them. We sent an email to see what happened to the rest. Hopefull we will hear soon.