Thursday, May 8, 2008

Acrylic painting and glazes

I was working in my art journal today trying out some of the techniques I learned in my acrylics class. I was definitely the newest student to painting with acrylics and it was hard to set my paintings up next to paintings of some amazing artists. My teacher, Diane Trout, was very supportive and even others in the class made some very good comments. You can always learn and especially from your mistakes. What was really cool was that everyone in the class had the same three colors and we all came up with different pallets. I wish I could show the pictures from the class because it was amazing. I think the acrylics class and the Monoprints and Drizzles class taught me the most. I will post a picture tomorrow from that class. I am so loving this big huge journal I am working in. I don't think I will be able to go back to the smaller format after this. I can do a two page spread now. YEAH! I know I posted twice today but you have no idea how exciting this is for me to have taken classes with other artists who love the same style of art I love and to have them encourage me. It was a dream come true. That is the story!

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