Thursday, May 15, 2008

In the Morning

First thing in the morning I let the dog out, make a cup of coffee and crawl back in bed to spend time in the Word. It is such a peaceful, glorious time for me. I love being in a comfy warm bed with my hot cup of coffee and reading scripture. Sometimes in the evening I can't wait to get to bed so that I can wake up and have this time. Kids have left for school, hubby is off to work and I have a quiet house with my dog snuggled up next to me and sometimes my cat and I let my day start slow with God's words speaking to me. When I worked, mornings were not like this and so I am thankful for this time. It makes my days so much better. The mornings I have to jump out of bed and rush around are just harsh. I find as I get older that I need the quiet and peace even more. It is a settling of my spirit that prepares me for the day. Today the sun is shining and the birds are singing, so cliquish I know. I have a nest of birds right outside my bedroom window and I hear them often in the mornings. They have built a nest in the eve and make a huge mess but they get away with it because I love the sounds they make. Yesterday I was thinking and journaling about words of encouragement in the morning and woke up thinking about it today. What a blessed life I have, if even for the moment.

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snazzykc said...

You deserve it!
I'm glad to hear you are taking time for YOU...
love ya