Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art Journal Challenge

Well, it is day three on the art journal challenge. I am loving this but we shall see what I say when we get to the last week. The only problem is that once I get out to my art room I loose all track of time. Hours fly by like it is only minutes. How is that possible? During one of my quiet times last week God gave me a poem. It is pretty long and so I am journaling a line of it each day and what it means to me. If you write down the lines each day, by the end you will have the poem. I never have a plan. I just start with color and go from there. This is really fun. You all should really try this. I can't wait until my paint pens come. I hear they will be here in a couple of days and I am waiting on pins and needles or should I say pens and needles. HA, HA!

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