Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life is messy

As I was doing my art journal page today I realized something. My life is really messy right now. The background on the page (day-14) is very messy looking and everything else on the page was put there to try and make it look less messy and to give some order to it but no matter how many things you put on the page the background just peeks through and shows that in the shadows mess is happening. I think it is very applicable that the page is about courage and most of it is red. Courage is going to the uncomfortable place to arrive at a place where we are stronger and wiser. Blood, sweat and tears are shed there. I love the flower growing out of a bed of nails. Sometimes we don't choose the circumstances we find ourselves in but we can still bloom there. Love is also red and is needed in the mess of life. Love for ourselves, love for others who may be bringing pain and love accepted from the Lord so that we are able to love ourselves and others. I'm learning how to embrace life, messiness and all, and keep moving ahead learning what I need to as I go and blooming inspite of it all. Something to rethink about anyway.

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snazzykc said...

I'm sorry life is a mess for you right now. I am glad you had started the art journal so you have somewhere to go with things.
May your tomorrow be fun and shiny.
love ya