Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who are you the most like?

When I thought up the idea to have a weekly journal prompt, I thought it would encourage everyone to take the challenge and journal. I want everyone to journal because I love it so much. But I realized that I really wanted to see what everyone else was writing about. There was also that voice in my head that said, "shouldn't you be setting the example?" So I will attempt to share my journal here using the prompt in the hopes that you will share yours with me.

I am the most like my mother although I do take after my dad in the creative and fun categories. My mother was a quiet and considerate person. She was devoted to the few friends she had and led a quiet life. Her faith was evident even though she didn't speak of it often. She lived her faith and you could see it in how she treated people. She loved to talk one-on-one but was quieter in groups. I remember on many occasions running into people she knew at the grocery store and it would bring a moan out of both my sister and I because we knew we would not be leaving anytime soon. My kids accuse me of this same behaviour and have resorted to pushing me out of the store and into the car. She knew lots of people and so we were always running into someone every time we went out. She didn't like to drive much but would take her kids anywhere they needed to go. She supported every sport or activity I was in by being there with claps and encouraging smiles. She prayed faithfully for each of her children and didn't tell them what to do but she also had a critical comment when they were making wrong choices. she worked hard when that was what was needed but knew how to relax too. I loved my mom and will miss her because she passed away when I was 18 but I am glad that a part of her lives on in me.

OK, it is your turn :)

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