Sunday, March 16, 2008

Come Out and Play

Can you come out and play this week? As I was making this picture it reminded me of all the fun times I had as a kid playing with my neighbor friends. It was so exciting to have someone come to the door and ask if I could play. We would play Barbie dolls, climb trees, ride bikes and play kick-the-can on summer nights. In later years it was listening to music in my bedroom and talking about boys. I still like my friends to call and ask if I can go do something fun. Although the things I do with friends have changed over the years it's still about spending time with others and having fun. Let's have some fun this week enjoying life, creating art and making a difference in some one's life. It won't happen without some planning so look for opportunities and do one nice thing for someone who won't be expecting it. Call someone and ask if they can come out and play.

1 comment:

snazzykc said...

Your creation brought a big smile to my face and great memories. I get to play with you on Tuesday...yippee!