Friday, March 28, 2008

Girly Style

With some time to myself this weekend I decided to try out some new supplies. I just love getting new art supplies. Watercolor crayons are amazing. You can color like you would with regular crayons but when you brush some water over the top it becomes like paint. I also used my new woodless colored pencils and souffle pens. I feel inspired to be creative. I think I will spend some more time seeing what I can come up with tomorrow. Girly ended up looking a little more sad than I expected but that is what happens with art. It becomes what it is. You put the pen to the paper and let the art create itself. I like her and I wonder what she is so sad about. Maybe she's not sad at all and just has sad puppy dog eyes. I knew someone like that once. She always look sad even when she was happy.

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