Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coffee Creation

I made this picture the other day and then in the middle of the night last night I woke with this poem in my head. Of course, I had to get up and write it down because there is not hope of me ever remembering it in the morning. I tried that once and I couldn't sleep thinking I would forget and then I didn't remember it. I was sleep deprived over nothing. So, if you hate the poem then chalk it up to late night musings and if you love it then I'm a poetic genius. I hope you enjoy.

Coffee greets me in the morning

creamy rich and brown

sweet aroma, hot and tasty

perks me up when I am down

Tea is weak and waters nothing

the taste can not compare

to the rich enchanting flavor

when between two friends it's shared

I love my coffee

there's no denying

and I barely miss a day

pretty cups and mugs to hold it

will it be espresso, cappuccino or latte?


snazzykc said...

that was're a genius!

Teri Leigh said...

Thank you so much!