Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pink Lady

Sunday a few friends and I went to a place that sells stuff, well junk really and we dug through bins to find treasures. I had never been there before and wore a white sweater. Go figure. But it was so exciting imagining what these pieces of rick rack, bottle caps, floor tile and other assorted pieces would become. Mostly I just picked things that look interesting to me and told myself that I would figure out later how they fit together. I couldn't wait to get my hands on them and so Monday I laid them all out in front of me and waited for the creative juices to start flowing. Here is the one I call "Pink Lady". I wonder where I got that title? I put a few of my favorite things in this collage, the color pink, daises, hearts. I think she looks pretty chic standing there with her pink poodle and shopping bag but does anyone really go shopping with their dog? OK, on to make more art. :)

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HT=) said...

I love it! What a fascinating art form. This is my kind of thing. Growing up all I ever could draw was trees, rainbows etc but this I could get into.