Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter is such a cheerful time. A time to celebrate new life and hope and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Going to church and singing songs you sing every year that bring comfort and peace and a promise of a better way. Little girls in white patten leather Mary Janes. (I wish every year that I was a little girl again and could where the crisp flowery dress and sweater that matches with white tights and shiny shoes that click when you walk.) The Easter eggs hidden in corners waiting to be discovered and family dinners with too many choices of things you probably shouldn't eat but you do anyway. Driving around this week I have marveled at the beautiful cherry trees in bloom. Daffodils and violets are popping up all over. I especially like the fresh smell when it has just rained and the sun comes out showing off the beautiful colors of spring. I will spend the day with family and, except for my daughter who lives too far away to be here, it will be a blessed day. Happy Easter everyone!

PS. I really wanted to get a picture of those beautiful trees to put in here. Maybe I will put it in later in the week.

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Sharon said...

What a wonderful post! :-)I too long for the days of old when we wore those new little easter dresses and tights and such.:-)I know Easter is all about Jesus resurrection but I miss some of those things from my childhood too.
Blessings~Sharon G.