Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

WOW, it is Friday already. The week just flew by. Happy New Year everyone! We didn't do anything exciting except to go see Marley & Me at the movies. It was such a fun and sad movie, loved it. I taped the falling of the ball in Times Square because I was too tired to stay up and am watching it two days later. I hope that doesn't mean I will be behind all year. Someday, I would like to go there. The art journaling class I taught yesterday was so fun. The ladies in the class had never done art journaling before and were so excited to learn the different techniques and how to get started. What a blessing they were to have in class and see how they made it their own right from the start. I wish I had thought to take pictures but I was having too much fun to think about it. We moved my daughter out of her apartment today in the midst of more snow. I woke up to the ground all white. I thought we were done with all that but it had to make another appearance. I must say that I am looking forward to Monday morning. Everyone is going back to school and I will have the house to myself for a brief few hours. I really like the quiet and my crew is a noisy bunch. Someday they will all be off living there lives and I will miss it. At least that is what everyone says. I am looking forward to testing that theory :)


snazzykc said...

I read a post in a blog yesterday that said they were sitting in front of the washer/dryer because it was the quietest place in the house-made me think of you. I'll pray for perfect weather on Monday so the kids WILL go to school.

Carly said...


I´ve left a couple of comments on earlier posts of yours - have a look! Hope you are really well. Also, have a look at my blog;

Love Carly x

Brenda said...

Happy New Year. Knew the art journal class would go great. Well done.