Friday, January 16, 2009


I am continuing to enjoy my time of art journaling with my daughter. We are making time each day to art journal and I love it. I was working on this page yesterday and thinking that for the first time in a lot of years that I have some really good friends and I don't feel lonely anymore. You know how you can be around a lot of people in a week but still feel terribly lonely? Well, I have prayed for some time for daily friends and God has provided. Just a handful of women who really like hanging out with me and make as much effort to get together as I do. This is huge. I know that many women feel the way I felt. We need other women to walk through life with, who can hear our dreams, share out frustrations and laugh with. Lots of laughing is required to be a real friend and crying too, but more laughing. I want to say more but I am being blessed with a massage today and have to run. Wouldn't want to miss that. Call a friend and tell her how much you appreciate her, we can never hear that enough and hugs are good too. Gotta run, Hugs to all of you because I do appreciate that you stop by and take the time to check in on me.
Love ya!


pauletteinsall said...

Oh sweetie, the more I get to know you, the more I find out how alike we are! I too have felt the same way and have been praying for the exact same thing. I wish we lived a little closer than we do, but anytime you want to get together you just let me know. I mean that, anytime!

See ya Thursday! xoxo

Love ya,

Teri Leigh said...

Paulette, you have blessed my socks off. I've lost count on how many times I have thanked God for you and your friendship. Big big hugs to you my friend!

Brenda said...

You are right, friends are so important - it is so lovely to have even one special friend, to have more is a special blessing. Hugs to you.

snazzykc said...

Haven't been around much but I think of you almost daily-love you girl!!