Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Advice for 2009

As my art journal group met yesterday and we shared personal and professional struggles, I was blessed by each woman's willingness to be open and honest about where she was in life. To feel the care and concern for one another and hold each others hand through this time is a blessing beyond measure. Love ya girls and I'm praying for you all. We decided to go through The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer. I started this book on my own and I think I made it to chapter two. Not that the book is not a good one. I loved it but I need accountability to keep going so I am excited that I have others to go through this with this time. The page above is based on the introduction of that book. I especially was impacted by the authors words about pursuing art.

She says," Instead of hoping that finding ourselves will result in practicing our art again, we need to realize that only through losing ourselves and becoming reliant on God can we discover how to use those gifts the way He wants us to use them. We will find the artist God intends us to be when we empty ourselves of self and become open to His plan and to the inspiration of His Holy Spirit. Only then will we experience personal artistic revival.

When I have let God give me the dreams of my heart; I can take those dreams and move ahead. I like the idea of artistic revival. I think 2009 is going to be a very interesting year. I also think a lot of listening and waiting will be involved which is not my strong suit.


NancyK said...

Wow, did I need your blog post today. I've attempted to read The Creative Call a few times and like you I found I needed the accountability of a group to finish. Still looking for a group in my area, maybe I will start one. Thank you for sharing today. God Bless your creative heart!

Jaron said...

Yes, waiting and listening are not easy, but so worth it! God will show you things when you're BOTH ready. Praying for you and your family - hugs!!