Saturday, January 10, 2009

Un-creative January

I think January 2009 has been my most uncreative month I have had in the last year. Somehow I can't quite get going. Family problems have drained me of all energy and time to create. I am thinking that February is going to be my January. I missed Misty Mawn's 31 day art journal challenge so maybe I will do my own in February? I did get to work on my new 2009 datebook. I like to alter a Pentallic journal for my datebook. I still have to add the month names to the tabs and add some embellishments to some of the pages but it is at least usable now. The big pink and red flower will go on the front cover. I also did a page in my journal about some of my favorite things.
I'm not completely happy with it yet. I will work on it some more and add more journaling but I really like the pink. Makes me happy. I have laid it out by my bed and look at it each morning to make me smile. I think we need pretty things in our life that bring joy to out hearts or life would get so dreary. As I was hopping around from blog to blog I found this new blog by Jamie Ridler that is starting up a group for encouraging your creativity. With all that I am doing right now I don't know if I can add one more thing but I really want to. I may just follow along and get the just of the information and hope it helps me to get inspired. Well, I off at a run again, the next 4 days are like that and all I want is to hide in my studio and play. Good thing my art journal can go with me.

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Brenda said...

January is not even half over yet, still plenty of time to be creative, thank goodness!