Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Passing on the Passion

I have been gone for the past couple of days on retreat with the staff of my church. Lots of vision casting and sitting. I decided to make a journal page from some of the things we discussed. I think I would love to make a journal page out of just about anything. I must say that I'm considered a little weird because of it but I don't care. This is for me and I love it. Everyone should have something they enjoy so much.

I am so excited. My youngest daughter has been having a hard time lately and so today we hung out together. She asked me if I would teach her how to art journal. We had the best time sitting at the kitchen table creating and her page was amazing. These kind of days are like gold to me. I hope she will continue and use it as a way to work through how she feels. All the years my kids were growing up I wished at least one of them would like art and she was the one that was the most likely. I gave her scrapbook classes, taught her how to crochet and she tried her hand at sewing but she just wasn't passionate about any of it. It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere. Even if it doesn't take root in her heart, I will cherish the day we have had.


Mary said...

Teri I love the page. And how great your daughter is interested in journaling, what a wonderful thing to pass on to her. I am sure she will treasure the day as well.

snazzykc said...

Yes, I like the page too. I am so glad you and your dear one had a good day together. Keep the faith that He really does know what he is doing.
Love ya

Brenda said...

Love the page. How wonderful to spend such a precious time with your daughter, may there be many more.

michelle allen said...

Oh Teri, how exciting that your daughter is wanting to art journal and that you can enjoy this together!

Your journal pages are looking so great. You've inspired me to get into mine today. You make it look fun. :)