Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Snow is falling here today!

They were saying it was going to snow but you never want to get your hopes up because they could get dashed in the morning with no snow but it was true. Big huge flakes are falling and it is beautiful outside. I love days when I can sit by the window and watch it fall and ever so gently and blanket my little world. Our property is surrounded by fir trees and it is such a winter wonderland right now. The kids are home from school today and we are making hot chocolate and watching movies. I always feel the desire to bake on days like today. I was thinking of making sugar cookies but that is really risky because they are one of my favorites. Maybe I will make something different. I think I will put the ham in the rotisserie to fill the house with yummy smells and maybe make some potato soup to go with the homemade rolls. MMM!


snazzykc said...

You look so cute and skinnier too...

Mary said...

Oh I want snow, it was in the 60's here today, and it's December!!! :(
What a great picture that is!!
Enjoying your art and blog.