Friday, December 5, 2008

A Million Thoughts

A million thoughts are running through my head today and like a traffic jam they are making my brain freeze in place. I have a big women's event tonight that I need to do so many things for and can't do anything yet until the kids get home from school because a handyman is here fixing all my house boo boos. I just saw the cutest project in a craft book that I want to try as I was trying to distract myself and now I want to go get everything to do that project and can't do that either. I have a painting started in my art room that is begging for attention and a sketch that I drew last night that I want to transfer to a canvas that has a background on it. I should be making Christmas cards for the card exchange tonight but I really don't want to. I think I will save myself some work and purchase some really pretty ones instead. My head is full of a conversation I had yesterday with a fellow artist. We sat at Starbucks for almost six hours talking about life and art and it was fabulous. I want to journal it all down and process some of the encouraging words she said to me. While I was sitting there waiting for her to show up I had a lady walk by me and saw my Rosie painting in the bag on the seat and asked to see it. I pulled it out and she wanted to know where I had found it. I very sheepishly said that I had painted it and she asked for my card. I had to tell her I don't have a card because I don't sale my art and she said I really should consider it because she loved my painting. As she walked away, I stood there is shock and delight. So unexpected and so encouraging. I will live off the conversation for some time. OH, so much to think about today!


Kim Fyler said...

Wow, Teri-Leigh, what amazing encouragement you received. Congratulations!

God bless,


Brenda said...

Isn't that wonderful, to receive that genuine unsolicited encouragement. Sounds like an amazing day with your friend. Good idea, buy some cards, one less thing to think about :-)