Thursday, December 18, 2008

Looking ahead to 2009

Whenever January is in sight I always get reflective. I start thinking what the new year will be like, where I will find myself in another year. This year, I am thinking of journals and what kind I will use to chronicle my 2009 journey. I am asking myself how much can I plan for and how much do I just wait and let happen? I can tell you that last year at this time I would never have guessed that I would start a blog, take multiple art classes, post pictures of my art on the Internet and know wonderful women from all around the world who love art the way I do. I don't think I could have planned all that but as I followed my heart one step at a time, as I listened to God's gentle prodding me to move ahead in spite of fear and as I persevered through tough times I have found myself right here. Right here in a place of new beginnings and new relationships. I look forward to the new year and wonder where this path that was started will lead. Knowing that I can't begin to plan the wonderful things God has in store for me, I think I will just enjoy the moments, press ahead when led to do so and love those in my life.
Oh, and create as much art as possible :)

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