Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Arctic Blast

They are calling our crazy weather an Arctic Blast. We had more snow last night and more is expected tomorrow. It is really exciting because we really have never had a true white Christmas since I was a little girl.

Yesterday we drove to the grocery store and this is what we were driving in. Soooo Beautiful.

The birds were going crazy for the dog's food. We didn't have any birdseed so we just scattered it out on the patio. We saw birds that we had never seen before. The big ones would just grab and go but the little one pecked the food into smaller bites and ate it right there.


Paulette Insall said...

Hey girlie! Looks like winter wonderland where you are too!! It actually started melting here today, so I don't know how much of the white stuff will be left on Christmas.

I'm off to bed, but didn't want to go up before wishing you a very merry Christmas. Hope you and your family have a wonderful and memorable one!! xoxo

Blessings & hugs,

Healing Expressions said...

The Merriest of snowy, Christmas days to you Teri!

Brenda said...

The snow looks beautiful. Your journal page is great. Those birds must be hungry. Thanks for your offer of the recipes - no rush, but if you do get time at some stage - I would be interested in the sugar cookies, moth balls and peanut blossoms, hehe. Hope you had a great Christmas. It is 8am day after Christmas now here, we had a great Christmas day.

Sharon said...

We had the same weather here Teri.I loved it while it lasted.It was awesome except we lost a hubcap due to traveling over ice rutted roads about town!!! LOL It is now all gone.Replaced by wind,rain and warmer temperatures.But winter has just begun so who knows what will come.:-)Love&Blessings~Sharon in Salem :-)