Tuesday, December 2, 2008


YEA! I finished my painting today. I got up early and finished by noon. I was able to also prep three other canvases and do backgrounds on two of them. Now I will have to decide what is going to go on them. I will do some sketching this afternoon but right now I am tired after getting up early so I am going to read a book or watch some TV. In case you were wondering; the poem on the painting by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow says:
O flower of song,
bloom on
and make forever
the world more
fair and sweet.


Kim Fyler said...

I love how her hair came out. And the shading is great! Very nice painting. :) I'm having a hard time with the hair.

Brenda said...

She looks fantastic, I love her piggy tails with the ribbon in them. The background looks great too - you must be pretty pleased with this beautiful girl! PS Thanks for your lovely comment on my angel - you're a sweetie - I'm happy to paint you one, just say the word!

Brenda said...

After Christmas when I get a little more time, I am going to paint you one. They are 8x10", so a nice size. I might get in to selling one day, not yet though :-)

michelle allen said...

LOVE IT Teri! You are going to town! Your colors are terrific. Can't wait to see more : )

Healing Expressions said...

Hi Teri! What a beautiful job you did. You must be just tickled with all that you are learning! Looking forward to seeing you at the open house!