Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four days and counting

So much snow. We are up to 10 inches and it is still snowing. It is really pretty but I don't know what I was thinking. I imagined a quiet time at home watching the snow fall, working in my art journal and drinking coffee. Reality has hit as my sons are irritating themselves and me and I can't get anything done since I am constantly interrupted by bored children. We have managed to watch a couple Hallmark movies which I love but no one else is thrilled about it. I did slip out to my art room this morning and tried something new. I used one of my paint rags (paper towel) as the base for my journal page. It had such great color that I just couldn't throw it away. Because I used gel medium over the top it was hard to get a good picture because of the shine but you get the idea.

Now that I am looking at it I am thinking it really does represent the chaos that has been going on around here which is really funny since I'm talking about simplicity. Isn't that like life. Inner peace in the midst of chaos. I did work on another page from a couple of days ago and finished it up. It is much more calm and you will probably like it better.

Here is another one. I guess I have gotten more done than I thought.


Brenda said...

Wow, your art journal pages are looking fantastic. It is typical isn't it, looking for peace and quiet, only to have chaos happening all around. I love Hallmark movies but my family doesn't appreciate them either! I love Christmas movies too, can't get enough of them.

Jaron said...

I love using paper towels and tissue that way - I really love the texture. Good for you, getting so much done creatively while it keeps snowing and snowing and snowing...