Friday, November 7, 2008

I am the one who...

A great journal prompt is to start with "I am the one who..." You just go with the first thing that comes to your mind and you never know what is going to come out but it will be enlightening for sure. I ended up with, "I am the one who feels torn in a million directions." Then this poem emerged from that thought about all the roles I play in a day.

Friend to some
Wife of one

Mother of four
leader to more

Artist in training
Learning and waiting

Neighbor and daughter
cook, cleaner and launderer

Pet owner of three
Aunt, Grandma and Niece

Believer, prayer warrior
and lover of God

I am much more than that but it gave me an idea that when everyone wants a piece of me on the same day it can be exhausting. Through this exercise I have decided that it is time to focus my energies on just a few activities and relationships and not worry about everyone. I can't hold everyone up anymore. I am going to pick a handful of friends that actually want to be friends with me and call me and want to hang out with me to invest in and let the rest of them be howdy friends that you wave to in passing. I am going to make a schedule for myself with some goals and be more intentional with lots more time for relaxation and fun. Life is too short so be stressed out, depressed and purposeless. I don't want to live my life that way. This could turn out to be really fun now. Not worrying about what's not working and focus on what is. I see sunny skies on the horizon. Whoo hoo you go girl! ( gotta get the good self talk going in my head) How about you? How's life going on your end?


Brenda said...

I love this page and the way you have written about yourself. Thanks for sharing.

michelle said...

I love this too! I think your poem is amazing. Simple and true. I really enjoy your passion for creating and expressing yourself through your art. You inspire me to really embrace that part of myself instead of just poo pooing it since most people around me are not made the same as I.

Have a great weekend!


snazzykc said...

It is fantastic that you are really
looking at yourself and your life and making you a priority. Keep up the great work.

love ya!