Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blessing of Nature

I am thinking about our trip to New England and missing the beautiful sights we saw. I am so glad that we took so many photos. It was such a great trip. I thought on the eve of Thanksgiving day here in my neck of the woods that I would share some more photos with you.

Just think how many pumpkin pies you could make out of these beauties. YUM, YUM!

So many back roads leading to unknown places. You could journal about a picture like this one. Where would it take you and what would you be listening to on the radio on your way? I hear John Denver singing, "Take me home country roads, to the place I belong." I learned to play guitar on that song. Seventh grade was a long time ago.
When we visited this cove, it was deserted for the season and you could have heard a pin drop. We saw a bald eagle flying over head and the water was as smooth as glass.

I love nature and I hope you have enjoyed the sampling of photos I took. More and more I hope that we learn how to take care of this beautiful planet we live on. As you spend time with family this weekend, I hope you find lots to be thankful for.


Brenda said...

What stunning photos - it looks like such a beautiful place. Happy thanksgiving to you.

Brenda said...

PS I have an award for you on my blog.