Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuckered out

The moving of the art room is going better than expected. I will try and get some photos in the next couple of days. I have this huge very, very heavy table that had to carried up our tight twisting staircase. You should have seen my two sons, one who has a cast and me trying to lift this monster over the banister, twist and turn it so that it would be in the right position to go into my art room on the second floor. A true miracle was achieved and without a scratch too. Whew! My husband installed new shelves in the closet tonight, another miracle, he he. I even was able to put together my art journal that I will send out tomorrow for a journal swap I am starting. YEAH! I am tired though but it is a good kind of tired. Tomorrow all the sewing stuff will be brought up and put on the new shelves. I am really hoping all of it fits. Well, I am off to bed and to let this sore body of mine rest so that I can start all over again tomorrow.

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snazzykc said...

progress is good, having two strong sons is good, art is good, rest is good...you are GREAT!
love ya,