Monday, April 20, 2009

Paris Purchases

I know some of you are wondering and some of you have asked; what did I bring home from Paris? Well, I hardly brought anything home except a lot of happy memories and pictures. But I did get a few items that I will tell you about. I bought a key chain with the Eiffel Tower and Paris on it to hang off my journal when I am done with it. I actually bought this one at the tourist shops behind the Sacre Coeur but there where guys walking around at the Eiffel Tower with loads of these on big rings. I also couldn't resist the pocket watch that has Paris written on the inside and a brushed embossed Eiffel Tower on the outside cover. It was not expensive just sentimental for me. The pink that you are seeing the items sitting on is a scarf that I bought at a street vendor. They were so cheap and everywhere and in every color imaginable. I wish that I would have bought lots to bring home but I really was trying to not spend a lot since the trip was not a planned expense.

The Vanves flea market that we went to was full of very expensive antiques but there was this little boutique that I found this necklace in. I loved the pendant but will take it off the necklace because that part is hideous.

I also bought a silver ring at the very first flea market we went to. It was when I realized that buying something at a flea market that is not priced is really hard to do especially when you don't understand a word of what they are saying to you. I didn't do too bad with this item but when I tried to find out how much an old leather bound Le Miserables in French was I knew I was out of my league. The lady just kept saying a word that sounded like garon, over and over again almost yelling at me and I just wanted to run and hide. After that I just enjoyed looking and didn't buy anything else. I'm so glad I made it home with at least a few items to remember my trip by. OK, I promise to try and not talk anymore about my trip to Paris. I imagine by now you have glazed eyes after days of photos and my rambling on.